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    Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo

    The past Christmas her in-laws had died in a car accident after going to buy her Christmas present, her husband had just left for a month overseas for a building project, she doesn know if she wants to salvage her marriage of only two years, and her ex-boyfriend shows up at her work. To make matters even worse, she has a test come back that means she might have cancer. As she works more and more with her ex-boyfriend, she starts to have feelings for him again and she really begins to wonder if she wants to be with her husband when being Tattoo Machine with someone else feels so right. As Candice starts to make decisions about what she wants out of life she has a few adventures along the way. She gets a makeover, decides she wants a career, and ends up getting a polar bear tattoo.

    Heather Wardell wrote this book for a writing contest when she was a teacher in Canada. She wrote the entire first draft in a month. As a result she found that she loved writing and left teaching, never to return.

    This was my first book by Heather Wardell, and I loved it. I have to admit that I only read it because it was free, but I am glad I did. This is now at the top of my list of favorite books. Candice is a very easy character to relate to, she is thirty, a little overweight and way over worked. She is a typical woman. It is very easy to find yourself cheering for Candice when something happens just the way you hoped and yell at the book when you see her doing something you know she will regret later. The book ended exactly how I had hoped it would, but I will let you read it to find out how that is.

    As I started reading this book, I found myself getting into it more and more. It is 248 pages, but Wardell knows how to use them very well. By the time I got to page 140, there was no way I was going to put it down. Before then, I could put it down, but found myself constantly wondering how it was going to end. Once I got past that point, I could not put it down. I am not a fast reader and it ended up taking 4 hours to read the last 100 pages, but I am glad I stayed up to do it. So, when you find yourself a decent chunk of time, grab a nice warm blanket, get comfortable in your favorite spot and enjoy reading this book